We work on new or refurbished systems to integrate concrete block palletising robots designed and produced by our technical teams.

Located at the end of the chute conveyor, robotic palletisers can handle batches of 5 to 12 blocks within a cycle time shorter than the press cycle time.

The gripper, fully electric and pneumatic, single- or multiple-product, enables blocks and other concrete blocks such as hollow blocks, paving slabs and curbs, to be held with uniform pressure, without any risk of a hydraulic leak, and therefore avoiding any risk of the finish being dirtied or stained.

When specifications and shapes are changed, the gripper flaps can be detached and re-fitted quickly with a pin-fastening system.

The concrete block palletising robot can also unstack the empty pallets. This avoids the need to make a mechanical pallet unstacker.

Control of a concrete block palletising robot is straightforward and user-friendly using the touch-screen operator’s console designed by our automated systems department. The console enables you to monitor the system in real time, change product palletising specifications and obtain quick maintenance diagnostics by viewing inputs and outputs.

The cost of a concrete block palletising robot is identical to that of mechanical equipment of the gantry type, but there is a 75% saving on energy consumption.